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Our mission is to eliminate barriers of isolation, poverty and illiteracy by educating the children, who are our future, in rural areas of the world. We advocate equality for all. We want the underprivileged children to have same chance at life as any other child. We pledge to give grants annually to the schools who align with our cause.

Sponsor a child

Change a child's life for ever with a monthly donation of $21. Give them hope for a brighter future. $250 a year will help sponsor everything from their books, uniforms, travel as well as school meals.

Help Educate

A Journey of Success

Education - Past Situation.png

Past Situation

  • Children working in breweries

  • Household burden on young girls

  • No education and child marriage for young girls

  • Lack of basic infrastructure and utilities for education

school children.jpg

Current Achievements

  • First english medium school in the district

  • 1,000+ children enrolled

  • 40% female enrollment

  • Separate sanitation facilities for boys and girls

  • Fire compliant with 24x7 CCTV

  • Free meals, textbooks and uniforms

  • School bus fleet to provide transportation to/from home


Mission 2020 Goals

  • Educate 1000+ students w/ quality education every year

  • Target 50% female student ratio (in comparison to to 25% in rural areas)

“Other schools require donations. Additionally, we have to buy school items separately. Here - everything is provided by the school” 

                    - Vaibhav's father

Vaibhav's story

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