Our mission is to improve and promote a healthy lifestyle in rural areas of the world through compassionate care, excellent clinical practices and education. We pledge to give grants annually to the clinics who align with our cause.

Journey of a Village

Past Situation

  • A poor remote area with pitiful conditions and filthy surroundings

  • Outbreak of diseases

  • No access to healthcare for >20 km

  • Travel alone made healthcare unaffordable

Current Achievements

  • Multiple medical camps conducted on a regular basis including ENT, dental, vision, skin, gynecological and general camps

  • Mobile dispensary van enables healthcare providers to access many villages in the area

  • 1,400+ cataract surgeries completed with 100% success rate

Mission 2020 Goals

  • Commit 25+ doctors to visit needy areas on a regular basis

  • Support construction of a local clinic and a laboratory for basic medical needs

  • Provide 5000+ underprivileged health needs via outpatient clinics and surgeries

© 2020 Share A Smile - USA a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization 

Government ID (EIN): 300221345.


Check to see if your company has a matching gift program for charitable giving, or a volunteer grant program for hours volunteered.

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