The vision to directly benefit the underprivileged

Changing lives for the better, we connect people around the world in the fight to end poverty. Working together, we invest in the lives of children and youth, build the healthy environments they need to thrive, and empower them to create lasting change in their own lives and communities.

By the end of 2020, we aim to directly benefit thousands of lives under our various initiatives.

Mission 2020 Goals

Impact Stories


Vaibhav's Story

“Other schools require donations. Additionally, we have to buy school items separately. Here - everything is provided by the school” 

                    - Vaibhav's father

Women Empowerment

Devi's Story

“My husband passed away and left me with two kids - I didn't know what to do. At Chaakri, I feel safe and am able to raise my family with dignity...”

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Story Coming Soon

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